C7 Corvette Stingray Embroidered Console Lid for the 2014-2017 Models

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Feeling like you need to spruce up your Corvette just a little bit more? Have you thought about adding a splash of color to your armrest? Most people leave their armrest or console lid as is and do not mess with it. However, you own a Corvette and it is not any a normal car. It is very likely your baby, your dream car, and having anything stock on the car seems like a shame. Upgrading your Corvette is well worth it even if you have to crawl and scratch your way up through the upgrades one by one which is something no Corvette owner should feel ashamed of at all. Slow and steady wins the race as the old adage says and you can start upgrading your Corvette with your console lid or armrest.

The armrest is one of those things we all see but we may not all notice. We look at it every time we get into the car and it sort of fades into the background because we see it all the time and there is not much to look at there anyway. You can change that by upgrading the item. The one thing this area probably lacks is color and a symbol that will give you something to look at or, at least, to be proud of when you happen to glance over at it. Enjoying the car you are paying for should be the goal of any accessory you buy for the car and glancing over and remembering how good your car looks definitely counts in that area.

You will not only be impressing yourself but other people as well. The passenger is really the one who has the time to notice all the little upgrades you have done to your car. They might not vocalize everything they love about your car or even know that a certain piece is not a stock piece but they will appreciate the overall ambiance of the car. You do not really need them to say every little thing they are impressed with anyway. The overall feeling you are likely going for is that "wow" factor. You want them to be blown away with the vehicle you meticulously care for and upgrade. The armrest upgrade can definitely do that for you. It is another piece in the puzzle of happiness for you and the ability of your car to impress other people who may be in your car or just looking at your from the outside. The rest is focusing on getting to where you are going and impressing them with the smoothness of the ride and the overall performance of the machine you own. 

Finally, you have your choice of colors. If you want to be truly different and chance the color of your console lid then you can do that if you so wish. If you own a red car and you want a black console lid then no problem. You can do that if you want to and you can even change the color of most of your interior by buying the right trim accessories for your car. Customization is when you make the car for you and about your needs and wants. If you have a black car or a silver car then you can add tan or brown interior if you wish. If you have a black car but want more red in your interior then you can do that too. It is all up to you and how you want to customize and you can do that by buying a C7 Corvette Stingray embroidered console Lid for your 2014-2017 model with the right colors you want and or need. 

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