C7 Side Skirts aka Rocker Panels?

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C7 side skirts can be very hard to find. They can be very hard to find for a very good reason. It is a phenomenon we have talked about before on this site. The consumers are talking about a product differently than the automobile industry does. It is this disconnect that makes finding the right products for your vehicle so difficult. The common people are speaking about things almost literally in a different language than the people who are making or designing the items are themselves. The difference of semantics causes a lot of confusion and problems for both sides of the coin. The consumer has a hard time finding what they want and the manufacturer may be convinced that they have developed a product that does not sell, therefore, they might be inclined to scale back production because of the, seemingly, lack of volume of sales or searches. Either way, ultimately it ends up hurting the consumer because they have a hard time finding the product because of semantics initially then they have a hard time finding the product because of the lack of sales volume later.

What is the answer here? A translator of course or someone who is well versed in keyword research. Connecting dot a with a dot b is what is necessary and unfortunately not many companies have been able to do this well enough. But, we can come right out here and say, "if you are looking for C7 side skirts then you are looking for rocker panels." Hopefully, that is helpful because you can information about both of these topics scattered across the internet and it is not immediately clear that they are one and the same product. You may see pictures that suggest that they are but sometimes there are slight differences in products when you search either of these products. For example, you might find side rocker panels on trucks and they tend to stick out but your Corvette, Camaro, or other vehicle does not have side skirts that do this which can be very confusing.  You may also find photos of a similar vehicle like yours under the search term "side skirts" but the rocker panels look like they come out with a triangle point. Incidentally, this is probably why are called "side skirts". However, a search for rocker panels might show products that lack these points making it even harder to make a distinction between which is which and if they are the same at all. They are the same but designed differently.

If you are looking for "side skirts" then you are probably better off looking for "rocker panels" because most of the automobile industry is calling them rocker panels. You can try to search for "side skirts" if you are interested in something that might have a different design as shown by the previous example. Side skirt seems to lend itself to a more creative look for the rocker panels. It really depends on what you are trying to do and how you want it to look.

One more thing you could be confused about is if you are looking for the type with more support or strength. The reason someone might be looking for this is that the rocker panels or C7 side skirts provide a measure of support and protection in case you get into an accident. The front and back ends of newer vehicles are made with crumple zones which is not what you want if you are sitting in the area. The side skirt or the rocker panel helps protect you and it is a good reason why you should upgrade or get rocker panels to help protect you in wrecks. The difference in strength between C7 side skirts and rocker panels should be non-existent because they are the same product. It is important to note that strength of the product could vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You just have to do your homework to find out which one is best for you. 

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