C7 Stingray Emblems - OEM or Bust

You have a beautiful car. A C7 Stingray and it is all yours. You were excited to get it and you probably remember the day that you did. It did not matter if the sun was shining or it was pouring down rain it was a good day either way. You were getting the car of your dreams and you were excited and nothing was going to stop you. You put in a lot of hard work to get that point and you were going to enjoy it. You intended to enjoy every moment of being a proud C7 Stingray owner. It was great and you had fun. However, as with any prized possession, a problem came along. It could have been someone careless around your car, a random problem, or something else but you have a problem with your car. Something was or is wrong with your C7 Stingray emblem.

It is a great cause for concern no matter what anyone says. Your car is your baby and you put a lot of work into it figuratively and maybe even literally. The car represents everything you have done in your life so far and how far you have come from humble beginnings. You deserve to have this car as near perfect as you can get it because of what it means to you and what it represents. The car just is not as complete without an emblem in good condition. You know it and other people can see it on your face. You dislike that the emblem has problems or may not even be in place. Despite everything else on the car, it bothers you at night. You have to get it fixed.

You may have even considered aftermarket emblems for your C7 Stingray. Let us be honest about that, though. There are two things to consider when thinking about that and those two things are how much it will bother you that you went cheap on an expensive beautiful car and how good of quality emblem you are getting if you buy one aftermarket.

"Another 350 bucks and instead of OEM emblems, the Stingray can proudly show off the same OEM emblems but with a coat of paint someone applied by hand, LOL..." (2014, Peter MJ)

It is true that there are aftermarket parts dealers who are selling emblems with spray paint on them for $350 dollars.  (2014, Peter MJ) You do not want any part of that at all. You want to have all OEM parts because at the bragging table with other people who own Corvettes or C7 Stingrays the buy-in price is all OEM parts. Otherwise, you might get laughed out of the building and you will not like the smug, "I'm better than you because my C7 Stingray emblems are OEM and do not have spray paint on them."

If you want and or need C7 Stingray Emblems then you want genuine OEM C7 Stingray Emblems. Do not accept any substitutes and do not pass go without these items on your car. You spent a lot to get your car and you should keep it as beautiful as you saw in your dreams before you bought it.

Source: MJ, Peter. "PeterMJ's Corvette C7 Stingray and Z06 Exposed: "Corvette Tax" on Aftermarket Parts for Corvette C7 Stingray." PeterMJ's Corvette C7 Stingray and Z06 Exposed: "Corvette Tax" on Aftermarket Parts for Corvette C7 Stingray. N.p., 14 Nov. 2014. Web. 18 Feb. 2016.

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