C7 Transparent Roof

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One of the coolest things to do is to look at the rain as it comes down on your car through your roof. Of course, it might not be as cool as watching rain hit a pool from underneath the water, but it is about as close as you can come without getting wet. Of course, you can not do any of this if you cannot see through your roof. If you cannot see through your roof then you need to upgrade so you can. If you have never thought about it doing it then this a good time to start thinking about it because a transparent roof can be great in the rain, snow, and the sun. You also get a nice view of the leaves turning brown in the fall.

Your buddies or girlfriends who own Corvettes who do not own transparent roofs would be jealous which is almost half the reason to get one. We talk a lot about the two games that a Corvette owner plays. The first is impressing the regular people who do not own a Corvette which is easy once you have a Corvette. You have seen the heads turn when you drive by so there is not much to say about that at all. The other game is impressing the other Corvette owners. They may turn their head to look at your car as it drives past but the mental talk they go through it much different. They evaluate their car compared to yours and they pretty much know what is stock and what is an upgrade. The fun part of that game is when you can get their mouth to drop because then you know you did something special. A C7 transparent roof is a very good way to start making that happen.

We have to cover the environment as well. The best reason to get any enhancement to your car is because you will enjoy it. The spoilers, the wicker bill spoilers, the suede knobs, the steering wheel, the C7 transparent roof should all be something you want because you enjoy it. If you enjoy nature at all then a transparent roof is the way to go. You can look at the stars with a loved one. You can look at the leaves turning brown. You can watch the snow coming down. It is your choice because you made the decision to have that part of the world open for you to see. You cannot get that with a non-transparent roof. You cannot share the environment with a loved one if you cannot see through the roof. You could be robbing yourself of some valuable memories if you care about scenery at all. Ultimately you decide what you want and what you do not want. If it is something that would make you happy then you should not hesitate and get it coming to you ASAP.

Ultimately your C7 is your dream car and you should make it exactly the way you want it no matter what article or person says you should do. You worked hard to get the car and now you should enjoy the spoils of ownership. You get to enjoy the turned heads, the camaraderie you feel when you get to talk about your car with other owners of Corvettes, the feeling of engine power when you step on the gas, the look of the car, and the ability to wake up every day and think, "hey, I own a Corvette." It is a statement that everyone wants to say but only some people get to say out loud. You are one of those people and if owning a C7 transparent roof would make you happy then you should do it by all means.

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