Canadians Buying Corvettes Faster than Americans

Canadians have been buying up the Corvette. Corvette sales have jumped nearly 56% over last year's totals for this month.The same time period has seen American sales drop, however. Could it be that the C7 is ready to retire and a new Corvette needs to appear?

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Key Takeaways:

1. Canadians are buying Corvettes at a faster clip than American consumers.

2. Corvette says were up 50+ percent last month compared to last year's sale.

3. The writer theorizes that American consumers might not be as motivated to buy their first Corvette or replace their current one with a newer model. 

Quote: "There’s simply not enough people who either want to buy their first one or replace their current Vette (despite generous trade-in deals for existing owners). Third, and this might be somewhat controversial, the C7 Corvette could be getting a little long in the tooth, even though it only went on sale in 2014." (Traugott, 2017)

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