Car Color Codes - Problems Even When You Have Them?

Car color codes are necessary for touch up paint use. A person cannot, usually, get the right color for their vehicle without finding the right paint car color code or paint number. Yet, having a color code does not mean that everything will go smoothly or finding that code will be easy either. However, the likelihood that a person will find the right paint will go up dramatically if they have this piece. 

The Code May Be Hard to Find

The first thing to realize is that it can be difficult to figure out where the car color code is located inside of the vehicle. Many times it is located near the driver door or the glove compartment. However, not many people know those facts. Google says that there are 40,000 search queries every second on average. However, that does not mean that all those queries are being service correctly. 15 percent of those queries have never been seen before by Google (Farber, 2013) which means that you probably have typed in a few searches that Google has no idea what to give you. Finding the color code for your "blue Silverado 2007" might give Google a pause because it may not have the inventory necessary to help you find the result you want. In fact, it is a problem on both sides of the equation as it relates to serving your needs. Google needs to find a relevant result for you out of the millions of sites on the web and the one with the answer needs to have it in a way that Google can read and understand. You can see how the problem is suddenly 3 times as hard as you might have originally thought. 

Understandably, you may be frustrated before you find the answer to your car color code conundrum. The search could fail at any point in the system and it could leave you without the right code for your vehicle. If you get past this first step you may still have problems.

The Code Could Be Hard to Access like a Pirate Treasure

car color codes can be a lost treasure chest

The area where your car color code resides may still be hard to reach. It could be hard to because of damage to the vehicle or just through the fact that you use your vehicle very often. Either way, the area you may find your car color code may be very hard to reach. It might also be hard to read because of damage, dust, or dirt. Misreading or misplacing a number in a color code could be the difference between buying red paint or green paint. The code is one thing that you do not want to mess up because it will affect the look of your car.  You have to make sure that you can read the code and that you write it down correctly. 

The Code May Be Hard to Use When You Have It

Using a code can be confusing

Finally, when you have the right code you may still have problems because the variety of companies who make touch up paint vary greatly in quality when it comes to non-OEM parts. OEM parts are, typically, very trustworthy because they have to live up the standards set up by the original manufacturer. However, aftermarket car paints tend to be all over the map because it is up to the company to come up with their own standards. You can easily buy a paint that does not apply well or is totally the wrong color for your vehicle. The easiest thing to do is to buy quality OEM paint, however, that choice is up to you. Just keep in mind that aftermarket paint quality may vary and you might be forced to experiment until you find the right paint for what you are trying to do.

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