Car Paint - Finding and Using It

Car paint is essential to maintaining the value of a car. Chips and scratches quickly wean away the value of a vehicle. If you can figure how to deal with them in a quick and easy fashion then you will be way ahead of the game. But, what you do not know anything about car paint? What if you do not know how to select the right type for your car? What if you do not know the difference between OEM and Aftermarket paint types? The world of fixing vehicle chips and scratches can seem very daunting. It should not convince you from attempting to maintain your car, however. Learning to maintain your value is a great thing and, honestly, not a thing that everyone can do. It gives you and advantage when it is time to trade your car or sell it. You will have it in much better condition than other people who might be doing the same activity. 

car paint splash

Car Paint Codes

Let us be honest and say that one of the hardest parts of car paint codes is actually finding out what code you need to find the paint. It can be very confusing for a lot of people and it can be very time-consuming. Both of these facts make using touch up paints or finding car paint codes very frustrating and discouraging which is the last thing you need when  you need to get rid of scratches or chips on a car. However, that should not deter you from looking for and using touch up paints to maintain the value you have in your car, truck, SUV, or van. You can learn to find this code or you can find a company that will help you find the code for you. Many of them will help because they want you to buy from them so it behooves them to help you find what you need for customer service purposes and loyalty in the future.

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Types of Touch-Up Paint

Once you have figured out what code you need to find the paint you need then you need to figure out exactly what type of paint you need. The truth is that there are two types of different touch-up paints you can find once you have the right car paint code. You can find touch up paints in spray form and also in touch up pen form. You should look at the directions of either of these products because every product on the market has different requirements. The requirements of the paint can vary because the formulas are different. Paints sometimes need a primer or clear coat. All of them require that you wash the area first, however, therefore you will need your cleaning supplies.

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The type of paint you will need is dictated by what kind of job it is and how much area you need to cover. Touch up paint pens are very similar to nail polish and they contain a very fine brush. The brush is best used when you have an area that is small in nature. However, if the damage is greater than you may want to consider using a spray. Sprays cover more area, however, if the damage is significant then you may want to consider having professionals do some body work before you paint or having them paint it for you. It really depends on how bad the damage is, yet, it does not change the fact that a touch-up paint pen may not be the best thing to use if you need to cover a large area.

Weather and its Affects on Touch-Up Paint

You also have to factor in the weather and climate. We, as a people, tend to think of car paint in a very visual manner. We should also think of it in a kinesthetic manner or how the paint feels. A dusty area can cause dirt and grime to settle into the paint which would cause a texture problem or a visual problem. Water on the paint may cause streaking. Heat on the paint may cause bubbling which is why you should consider how close your vehicle is to a heat source if it is in a garage.

All of these factors go into selecting the correct touch-up paint and using it effectively. It is important to consider each item carefully when you select a touch-up paint as any of them could give you undesirable results if the problems are not dealt with correctly or, at least, have a plan for dealing with the situation if necessary. 

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