Jet Black Premium All-Weather Cargo Mats | Cadillac ATS 2015

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The cargo area of a car does not get very much love at all. It is actually one of those places that most people do not think about at all. The cargo area is pretty much just there once we leave the dealership. We only think about the cargo area when we are going to stuff things into it. It is a real shame because the cargo area is probably one of the true workhorses of the car that is not a part of the propelling the machine forward. it gets beat up and it takes heavy things that fall over. Basically, if anything is going to be beaten to a pulp and torn from use then the most likely place it would be is your cargo area. The forces of the propulsion and stopping are applied to objects that you stash there and the cargo mat has to absorb it and it sometimes does not do a great job of that problem. The cargo area can get ripped to shredded depending on what is back there.

Of course, you can always upgrade the material back there and give yourself a better chance of keeping your cargo area mats intact. The rubberized mats take impact damage better than their carpeted brethren because they are not made up of strands that can be caught around the edges of things. If something gets caught then the stress of the forces applied on the objects can cause the tearing we have been talking about above. The chance of this happening with a rubberized mat is much slimmer because rubber is one solid piece. It does not tend to catch on to anything.

Carrying liquid in your cargo area can also be a massive problem. If you have spills or leaks and a carpet based mat then you can guarantee that your mat is going to soak some of that up. The problem with that is that the liquid could develop mold over time if not taken care of properly. The carpet will soak up the liquid and dry and you will not be able to tell that there is a problem until you have your mold problem. Once that mold problem is up then you have to shampoo the carpet which leaves your cargo wet for awhile and you might not want to close it so that it can dry properly. It all just sounds like a big hassle that will consume a lot of time and effort which is probably something you want to avoid. A rubberized premium mat will not absorb liquids as easily and is easier to clean up because it will be mostly a matter of dumping out the liquid instead of shampooing the problem areas. 

A jet black premium all-weather cargo mat might be just the thing you need to protect your vehicle from damage and other problems such as the build-up of mold that can potentially make you sick over time. The addition of an all-weather premium cargo mat will help you keep value in your car you can trade in or get more money for your car at a later date. It will also help you if you decide that you want to pass on the car instead of trading it or selling it.You can have a car as close to pristine as possible if you happen to choose to give it to someone in your family instead of getting rid of it outright. If that person has a lot of memories with you in that car then it will be a gift that they surely will enjoy. 

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