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We all love things that make long car rides feel shorter. No one likes to sit in traffic and radio stations know this and they also know that you are a captive audience so they try to put their best material and shows at this time to gain you as a listener and to give them some themselves some highly valuable time to sell to other people. They sell the advertising which means that you probably have a lot of time on the road where you are listening to commercials. If they start playing a song you dislike then you have to wait through that and there is the chance that they may just play a song that your already tired of or you just do not feel like listening to right then and there. It can all add up to time that you do not enjoy. The best answer to this problem is to get something that you have control over instead of a person who is potentially miles away and has no idea that they are annoying you with songs in or the newly minted overplayed song of the season.

You have a couple of options but nothing beat the cd player as of yet. You might be thinking that the other options are better but are they really? A Bluetooth signal is steady and somewhat reliable. Yet, it drains the battery of your phone or mp3 player. It is going to go quick if you use the phone as a navigation device and it can go even quicker if you use it to connect to one of those streaming services. If you do connect to a streaming service then it is probably eating your data quickly unless you have certain plans from some companies. At any rate, if you are running all three services at once then you are running your battery power into the ground. You could hook your phone up to your car and many people do. However, that might be a problem because that battery power has to come from somewhere and getting it from the direct sunlight could be a problem. Most car batteries do not come with gauges to show you how much has been used, therefore, you are somewhat in the dark as to how long your battery will last. If you have ever run of out battery power during the winter in the middle of the shopping season then you know how terrible this can be.

Also, we all know the feeling of fumbling around with our phone or mp3 player in the car and we know that we should not do it but we do. There have been many people who wished that the phone companies would make hard buttons for the skip or go back a track button in their apps because of this reason. However, that has not been done as of yet and probably will never happen. The next best thing we have is to go back to something that does have those buttons and that is a CD player. People who remember using cd players in their car remember that you could easily press the buttons while keeping attention on the road. It is much more difficult with touch-based technology because there is no reference point to go and you are forced to look at the screen to figure out where your fingers should go. All of which could be highly dangerous for you if you are driving.

A cd player may be the safest way to listen to music other than the radio because touch phones have not found a reliable way to give us the same tactile feelings that cd player buttons can or radio buttons do. If you want to drive safer and without fumbling around with your phone, tablet, or mp3 player to play some music then you should get one of these CD players so that you can use it when you are on your way to your next destination. 

Get a CD player for your Cadillac ATS 2015 Car and make driving home much easier and without as much trouble with your music. Click here to see the product. The form below can also help you find any other parts and accessories you need for this or any other GM vehicle. The only thing that the system will not show you is touch-up paints. Click here to see touch-up paints for your Cadillac ATS 2015.