Chevy S10 Console

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The Chevy S10 console is an important part of your truck. You put all your miscellaneous items like your keys, sometimes your wallet, your phone, drinks, and other items. You really do not notice how important it is to you until it is broken then you notice how much you actually use and love this item. Most of us cannot dream of driving anywhere without the morning coffee or whatever the beverage of choice might be for you even a little bit of spilling from an off-kilter console could be very annoying. It is usually just better to get it fixed and then proceed with your life.

Of course, there are a few problems with fixing the console. The first problem is actually figuring out what it is called in the first place. Most of us do not know the technical automobile industry name of "console". It is not likely what a person who does not work in the automobile industry would probably call it a "console" unless they were a big Star Trek fan. We have talked about the disconnect between parts suppliers and consumers before on this site and those words still ring true there. The words that an automobile industry worker uses are different than those of the people who buy the piece use. If a person does internet searches for a product then both parties have to hope that they meet on a common language ground because the search engines work on semantic principals. If you ask for "x" search term then the search engine returns websites with "x" as the dominant page theme. However, if the automobile industry talks about "x" search term by using a "y" search term then you have to hope that the algorithm figures out you actually want "Y" pages when you ask for "x". It is a process that does work but it takes awhile for a search engine to do this.  We are not talking days. We are talking about months of work by programmers to augment the algorithm to be smarter about how return search term queries. Luckily, they do work all the time to make these improvements but the lag between the person asking for "x" and getting "y" terms is very long. In other words, figuring out that the thing that is your cup holder in the truck is called a "console" might take awhile and it can be very frustrating as well. 

Once you know what the part is called, or, in this case, the "Chevy or Chevrolet S10 console" then you have to make an important decision between using OEM parts or aftermarket parts. If you do not know what those terms mean then you should probably know what they mean before you try to buy anything. Most people try to wing it with results that range from fantastic to terrible. Why? The nature of aftermarket parts makes it this way. It takes more explaining which will happen in the next paragraph but it is important to know that you really need to know the difference between OEM and aftermarket so that you can make the best decision for you. It is best not to skip the next section if you do know the difference.

The difference between OEM and aftermarket is the relationship with the vehicle manufacturer who is Chevrolet or Chevy in this case. You could also say the over-arching company, "GM" as well. Either way, you are talking about the original vehicle manufacturer and their association with the manufacturer of the part. If they have an association and are providing a list of standards that the company must comply to when producing the part then we are talking about OEM parts. OEM means original equipment manufacturer if you were curious. OEM parts also mean that they are the same part you would get if you bought your vehicle off the line today. It is part of the appeal of buying OEM parts because they were literally made for your vehicle. It is also the reason they do not void warranties in most cases but you should always check on this before expecting that statement to be true. The vehicle manufacturer knows what the part will do in the car and they have a good idea of the strength and weaknesses of the item. They can predict what problems may arise and, therefore, they are comfortable putting their name behind it as an OEM part.

Aftermarket parts are parts that were developed by a company after the vehicle went to market. It means that any parts designed by these companies were not initially made with them in mind. The fashion industry would call these knock-off brands or imitators. They are of varying qualities just like the fashion industry. You can get amazing parts or you can get very low-quality parts. The appeal is that they are usually cheaper but mostly because they are not as well made or expected to hold up for as long as OEM parts. You could also have problems with the fit or the functioning of the products as well. for example, the cup holder could be smaller or larger than the original console's design which could make your favorite coffee or beverage size too large to fit or too small to be held securely. Does this happen every time? No, but is it a possibility. Yes. The answer to this problem is to research the company thoroughly before buying anything. Most companies have reviews online or sometimes from your own circle of influence. It is rare that you run into a company with no reviews but it is a possibility. Yet, doing the research beforehand will save you a lot of heartaches, possible breakdowns, damage, and money in the long run. Remember no one likes hot coffee spilling from their Chevy S10 console because it could splash onto your lap. If you are driving while that happens then you might have a big problem. 

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