​Confused about how to utilize OEM Paint? Let Us Give You a Few Tips

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OEM paint is the best paint to use on your car or truck because it comes straight from the manufacturer that the original company uses. You do not have to worry about if the color is correct because it was made for your car specifically and it follows the quality standards set forth by the main company (the-auction-neer, 2014).  The uses for OEM paint are varied and include fixing scratches or chips to your vehicle to give it that brand new look we all love.  If you really want to make your car unique or at least spruce it up more, then you should consider using OEM paint on your wheels.  OEM paint is like any other paint and you can find it in a variety of colors and, best of all, it matches your car because it was specifically made for your car by the manufacturer.  Of course, you do not have to do the painting by yourself, you can take the paint to a professional and have it done for you. But, if you are a DIY buff, then you can do it yourself, it all depends on who how you want it to be done. It is all up to you once you have the right kind of paint and know the look that you are trying to achieve.  Painting the car yourself lowers the cost of painting re-painting your car. It also lowers the cost of fixing those scratches or blemishes that everyone hates. It would be remiss not to mention that you have to be able to do the job correctly and that takes the right tools and the right method or process.  If you go the route of DIY then there are some things that you really need to keep in mind in order to do the job successfully. 

The area or section that needs the paint has to be cleaned first. It does not make sense to paint over dirt because it will cause a texture problem that is visible as well as touchable. The paint may also mix with the colors of the dirt and change the look of the paint itself. The ACDelco touch up paint we use has an abrasive prep tip that is meant to be used to get rid of any paint that is loose or to get rid of any rust that may be around the paint area. It also has a flat face that is meant to smooth down some edges or to help clean the area.  The vehicle needs to be dry when applying the paint for obvious reasons. Make sure that you dry the area thoroughly before trying to paint the area you desire. 

 It may be a good idea to use something to control the area where you are going to paint so you do not change the paint scheme of another area. One of the best ways to do this may be painters tape. Section off the area you are going to work on so that you do not make unwanted mistakes. 

 Most other paints require you to open it and stir the paint. However, the style of touch up paint we carry is as simple as holding the paint in an upright position, and twisting the applicator to the appropriate tool you need. The settings available on the touch-paint are paint tip, brush, or top coat applicator.  No need for a spray gun if you are using the touch-up paint we carry. It can easily be applied via the applicator. 

 You should always be as safe as possible. Remember to read the instructions or cautions on any paint before using it to ensure maximum safety. 

 Apply the coat of paint evenly to ensure that you get the look you want. Repeat the process till you have covered the area which needs the paint. 

Remember that OEM paint, not touch-up paint which would be too small to use for this purpose, can be used for wheels and hubcaps. It especially nice to know this when your hub caps get rusty, or show signs of wear and tear.  OEM paint is the best kind of paint because you do not have to worry about matching colors. You just apply it following the directions without fear of mismatching any paint colors. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, therefore, you are going to find the paint that you need.  Remember that primer is an essential part of any painting job. Make sure that you have some on hand. 

Primer helps the paint stay where it is supposed to be and helps your car retain the color far longer than if it was applied without primer.  It may also be smart to get primer sealer if recommended by the type of paint you choose. You may also find that you need other types of primers depending on which company you decide to purchase paint from for your retouch or repaint.  The primer is used to serve the purpose of enhancing the performance of the automobile paint. OEM Paint is a great product when used in the right way and it can help your vehicle look brand new even though it might have a few dings and scrapes. 

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