Corvette Battery Charger - Overcharging is the Enemy

Ask any battery expert worth their weight in salt and they will tell you that overcharging is a very bad thing to do for any rechargeable battery. The problem with overcharging is that it is like filling a full bucket. The extra stuff has to go somewhere and the fact that it is going somewhere other than the energy cells is a problem. The extra heat that comes from charging can cause damage to the system if the charging is done over a long period of time.You have a nice car and protecting that car and its value is very good thing to do.

Corvette Battery Charger - OEM vs Aftermarket

The other thing to keep in mind is that it is a good idea to use OEM parts because you know what standards the battery charger is being held to instead of having to wonder if that charger is actually doing damage to your system. The problem with aftermarket parts is that the standards they use to test and certify the efficacy of the parts or accessories in question are solely controlled by the manufacturer. They do not have the same rigid standards as OEM parts do. It is possible for them to have more stringent requirements but it is unlikely. It does happen, however, it is very rare for this case to occur. Therefore, you have to be careful and make sure that you know what you are getting so that you can accurately judge your battery will be fully charged. You will want to disconnect the charger as soon as you can after it is done charging to protect the battery and your car's internal systems.

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind When Using the OEM US 3300 Model 1051 C7 Stingray Battery Charger

We also have to consider the battery as well. A good battery should take a certain amount of charges before it quits on you. However, getting a cut rate battery will reduce the number of times you can recharge it because it is not as well made. If you are using two aftermarket products that are cheap but not of good quality then you could have a problem on both ends of the stick. You also have no idea how the two pieces will interact with each other even though they are, technically, made to work in concert with each other. If you want to make sure that you have the longest life, retain the absolute most number of times you can recharge after charging, and not waste money when something quits on you then you may want to consider getting OEM parts for your needs. 

Keeping everything in working order requires you to be mindful of what you are using and how long you are using the items. You do not want to overcharge and you do not want to overheat your systems due to the amount of charge and energy your system is using. You do not want to damage the battery or the battery charger because that is going to cost you more money. The best thing you can do is to use reputable aftermarket manufacturers or use OEM parts and accessories to make sure that everything will work together in the way it that it does in your mind.

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