Corvette C7 Parts and Accessories

Your Corvette c7 is a thing of beauty. You worked hard to get it and you deserve to have it. You probably remember the day you went down to the dealer to get it. You were excited and you were fulfilling a dream. The truth is that not everyone gets a C7 and the fact that you were getting one was not lost on you. A C7 is a status symbol and it also signals to you and other people that you really have done something with your life because you have the car of your dreams. Who does not want a Corvette? Given the chance there are very few people who would say no to Corvette ownership.

Upgrading your C7 is the next step in the evolutionary chain. You realized that other people had the same car and they had some pretty cool stuff in theirs too. You did not have all of the things they showed you and you want them. We cannot blame you. You have already invested your time,  money, hopes, and dreams into this car. You might as well make it the car of your dreams and other people's dreams as well. Half of the fun of Corvette ownership is knowing that you are the one with the car while other people wish they had your car or, if they have a similar car, that they had the stuff that you do in your car. The best way to do that is by using genuine OEM Corvette C7 parts and accessories. You did not buy the Corvette to be frugal. You bought it to speak to your affluence and unless that aftermarket part or accessory is revolutionary for your car then you are not going to buy it. 

If you own a C7 then you probably go to car shows partly to look at cars and the other part is to evaluate your car against those other ones. Think back to the ones you really liked and ask yourself a question ,"did you see any of them using aftermarket parts?" The answer is highly unlikely. The game you are playing at that level is a level of prestige that does not like or want aftermarket parts because money is not supposed to be an object for people who are competitive about these car shows. You may have seen people get rowdy about their car because people are serious about their C7. You should be too. You know aftermarket parts will not fly there so why are you going use them in your car, especially since you will end up showing your car off in one of those shows anyway.

The thing you need to do is find a good dealer who sells genuine OEM Corvette C7 parts and accessories. You have a car that craves and needs real parts and accessories that will work the first time from when you install them. You should not have to worry about whether or not a part or accessory is going to work because those days are over. You are no longer the frugal person. You are an affluent person. You get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and one of those fruits is the car you own. You then find things that what make the car individualized to you from the steering wheel to the wheels.

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