Corvette C7 Seat in Red For Sale

Corvette C7 Seat in Red For Sale

Looking for a Corvette C7 seat in red for sale?

You might have some trouble finding it because the manufacturer actually does not just call the seat red. They call the product adrenaline red. The slight difference in adjective could cause you to miss out on the product you want.  A search engine might not deliver you the result you want. The disconnect between how a customer talks about a product and how a person inside the industry talks about the same product can be the reason that a person has a hard time finding the product that they want. The search engine needs help to make the logical leap from one term such as "red" to "adrenaline red". 

A prime example of the problem:

It was only two days ago when a search query for "Corvette chaps" occurred. It took awhile, however, we found out that the person was looking for Corvette seat bolsters. The vernacular used by either group did not match up at all in this case and caused the customer to have a hard time finding what they want. If you are not talking to a person over the phone who can immediately figure out what you are looking for when you are searching for a product then you might have an extremely hard time finding what you want. The previously mentioned situation is a little bit more extreme than what we run into when we are talking about red vs adrenaline red. The truth is that the search engines are always looking to deliver the most relevant result and a seat that is just "red" might get precedence over a seat that is "adrenaline red." 

Either way, if you are looking for a Corvette C7 that is red and for sale then click here and see our "Adrenaline Red" C7 competition seat kit. There  is, actually, no other shade of red in the competition seat kit if you are wondering if it is the correct color of red.