Corvette Carbon 65 Finally Formally Introduced

The Corvette Carbon 65 has been finally introduced to the public and a lot of the previous thoughts about the vehicle seem to be true. There will only be 650 of these vehicles produced and only 400 of those will stay in the US. The other 250 are slated to leave and end up in the foreign markets around the world. The car starts for around $15,000 dollars. 

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Key Takeaways:

1. The Corvette Carbon 65 was officially announced at the NCM birthday bash.

2. Corvette announced that only 650 of these vehicles would be released.

3. 250 of those models will find homes in overseas markets.

Quote: "Production will be limited to 650 units globally, 450 US/200 for export. Only options are the Z07 package on the Z06 and manual or automatic transmissions. These options suggested price is around $15,000." (Thurn, 2017)

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