Corvette Jake Decal

The Jake logo is etched into the minds and hearts of most Corvette owners because it is synonymous with speed. The logo was born in the raceways and it has become legendary for those Corvette owners who know racing. You are very likely one of those people and the Jake logo means something special to you. It means a tradition of speed, winning, and racing. All pretty cool even to the most casual bystander. The logo, itself, is a very nice design and hides, in the eyes, the Corvette logo itself. If you are any kind of fan for the Corvette family of cars then this is the logo for you. It says that you are serious about your car and that you understand the legacy of the logo as it relates to racing.

.Simplicity is the key to any good design and the design is simple and elegant in conveying its meaning. The half skull implies danger but the Corvette styled eyes denote the hi tech nature of the product. The skull also seems to feel like a helmet which further donates the racing nature of the logo. It conveys a lot of emotion in a few simple lines. It does not matter if the logo is colored in or left to its own negative state. The logo makes an impact on those who behold it and the only words a person can speak after seeing it is wow because it conveys the message so clearly.

Later versions have added the "grimace" to the face. The teeth are shown as an indictation of the danger and aggression that lies just beneath the surface. it has a snarl like it is about to make its move on the track or to attack someone at any moment. It conveys a sense of power because the look is threatening. It is darker on this image to enchance the danger of the logo. A more rigid finish to the right side of the face also adds the grimace and makes it seem much more alive.

The logo can make even the most mundane of parts or accessories seem to stand out. Plain monotone colors look vibrant with this logo. If it can do this for something black and white then you can imagine what it will do for your car when you get it. It can enhance the plainest looking car into something really special. 

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