Corvette Jake Skull Decal

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Add a little excitement with a Corvette Jake skull decal. Love the Punisher? The symbol will remind you of his symbol. They are not totally alike but similar enough to give someone who knows that character the idea. Even if you have no idea who the Punisher is or even care about it then you will love this decal because of its overall design and shape. It is a one of a kind design that was stunning from the very first design on a napkin.

Skulls are always associated with danger. The skull included in this decal gives the same impression. We are, as people, fascinated b danger and people who go out of their way to have a little bit of risk in their lives. Whether or not you are a risk taker is irrelevant to the perception. We can all agree that cool is cool and this logo will certainly turn heads. 

Notice how the design of the car is broken up by the decal which is immediately noticeable. The rest of the car deals with uninterrupted solids and the hood decal breaks it up because it mixes the black and white together in an interesting use of negative space. A person's eye's cannot do anything but help feel drawn to look at the decal. it is quite the impression especially when it is next to other Corvette that does not have the hood decal. It is immediately visible against a sea of sameness. It is a contrast on the vehicle itself and it is a contrast to those other Corvettes that do not have the Corvette. 

How does it look on a Corvette that has a color other than white? It looks just as good as shown in the next few photos. If you have a monochrome scheme of color, which, most Corvettes have for simplicity/elegance sake, then breaking it up with a good design is smart. You can see how it looks below.

The logo still makes a strong impression. It decal is meant to go with any color you may have for your Corvette. You do not have to worry about matching colors. I will adapt to you and what you have as a color scheme. The designers thought it through before you ever bought the item and made sure that a wide variety of Corvette owners could use this item. However, we will admit that this may not be the best angle to make a determination of the overall effect of the decal on the cosmetics of the hood.

You get a little better idea of the look of the decal from this angle because you can the obvious end of the hood here. It also gives you the view that other people when they drive alongside you. If you can imagine that staring back at you then you will understand what this decal can do for you. We have talked about this in other Corvette articles but you get a Corvette to impress the regular people. The Jake logo does that in spades. It makes an instant impression and it will give drivers and passer-bys the, "I wish I had one of those" feelings you are looking for when you drive your Corvette.

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