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  • 12670730, 84016133
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  • Review the updates to the 2017MY style hood liner and supercharger on the forum here:
    2017 Z06 supercharger lid installed on 2016 Z06

    Updated Super Charger Cover 12670730(GM#12683497) 2017 and Z06 Hood Liner Insulator 84016133

    Get both of these items bundled together for much cheaper than you could buy them separately. You can save money and make your car more attractive to normal people and the discerning eyes of other Corvette owners. The best part is that you do not have to tell that them you got it as a bundle for a lower price. You get all the benefits of ownership plus the extra cash in your back pocket you did not have to spend buying the parts separately.

    Are There Other Reasons to Get the Bundle?

    One of the best reasons is that the insulator actually helps protect your car. It is a safety feature that most people do not know about when they buy an insulator. The insulator is designed to melt into an engine fire in order to suppress it a few seconds longer. The extra seconds help you escape the car when in trouble.

    Do not believe it? Here is evidence of the item doing this function here.

    You can also look at the picture below to see how the liner suppresses a fire. The picture is the aftermath of a fire. It clearly shows the liner melted to the car parts. It is this function that buys you and your passenger a few more seconds to escape the car if you are in trouble.

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