Corvette Picked as One of the Most American Vehicles on the Road

Corvette was recently selected as one of the most American vehicle by American University. The process was much more than a simple vote. Many metrics were considered including profitbility, labor, engine, and more. In the end, Corvette showed itself to be one of the most American cars available on the market.

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Key Takeaways:

1. American University recently selected Corvette as one of the most American vehicles on the road.

2. The choice was not an arbitrary selection as the college used metrics like: profitability, engine, labor, body, chassis, and more. 

3. The automatic version of the Corvette landed itself third after the metrics were run.

Quote: "According to their website, the Kogod School of Business's  2017 Made in America Auto Index is designed to parse through the data and determine what vehicles deserve to be considered the most patriotic (or at least domestically-rooted) of all." (Brandt, 2017)

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