Corvette SUV in the Works?

Does the world need a Corvette SUV? The article seems to state that there is some traction amongst people who make the Corvette or, at least, former executives think that it would be a good money maker. The case for a Corvette SUV is made in the article below. It also details some of the obstacles to making the Corvette SUV.

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Key Takeaways:

1. Former executives were brought together to talk about the possibity of the Corvette SUV.

2. They agreed that it would be a profitable venture for the car company if pursued.

3. A new architecture would have to be developed to make the idea viable. 

Quote: "The Detroit News spoke with analysts and former General Motors executives to get an idea surrounding the potential success a Corvette SUV could hold. Most agreed it would be a smash hit." (Szymkowski, 2017)

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