Corvette Sway Bars - What They Really Do and How They Impress Others

Calling them Corvette sway bars actually does not say what they do. It seems like the name would imply that the product would actually add more sway to a Corvette. However, that is not what the product is intended to do. The truth is that the product is meant to reduce sway or the ability of the car to roll into turns. We mean that the roll is the car leaning into a turn. A lean into a turn can be bad for obvious reasons and a sway bar helps protect someone from having that trouble.

The accessory is interesting because people who look at your car will probably never know that it is installed in your vehicle. It is, after all, installed underneath the car and that is one place that most people do not go. They have no reason to and you would probably stop them from doing it anyway because anyone who randomly tries to look underneath your car probably only has bad reasons for doing it. It is one of the true upgrades where people do not see it or notice it until they try to race you. The only other time they will know that it is there is when you tell them that it is there.

So why get the part at all? Bragging right over friends and the possibility that you might need it some day. We have talked about this many times but the first level of Corvette ownership is impressing regular people. The second level of Corvette ownership is impressing other owners of Corvettes. Corvette sway bars help greatly in this endeavor. If you tell a knowledgeable Corvette owner that you have the sway bar then they will be impressed because they know what it means. They know you can turn accurately and "on a dime". Obviously, there are more flashy upgrades that allow you to increase traction like a wicker bill spoiler or a "Gurney flap" but the sway bar might be the most stealth upgrade you can get because it is under the car. 

if you are looking to upgrade your car with pure performance in mind then a sway bar kit is right up your alley. It will not be immediately impressive to the regular person but it is impressive to the people who know what they are doing when they upgrade their Corvettes. You may even be the first of your Corvette buddies to get the sway bar kit which means that they will be catching up to you instead of you catching up with them. The first one on the block is always considered the original and everyone else is just a copycat. So why not get pure performance for your car? A sway bar kit can do that for you. 

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