Corvette + Toyota For 1260 HP?

A Corvette owner put a Toyota 2JZ-GTE inline six and turbocharger into his Corvette. The car is a competitive car. The owner says that the car's best quarter mile is 7.6 seconds.

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Key Takeaways:

1. A person took the body of a Corvette and installed a Toyota 2JZ-GTE inline six and turbocharger.

2. The vehicle is said to have 1260 HP.

3. It owns a quarter mile time of 7.6 seconds. 

Quote: "The car's owner says it makes 1,260 horsepower at the rear wheels, though the power is turned down for the class he competes in. He reports his best quarter-mile passes as being in the 7.6-second region." (Gilboy, 2017)

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