Corvette Z06 Owners Sue GM Over "Limp Mode"

A group of Z06's are suing GM over a loss of performance at the race track. They allege that GM is selling defective models of the Z06 that have drastically reduced performance after 15 minutes of driving. The drop of performance is called, "limp mode". The owners of he Z06 say that the car is not fit for the track or public roads.

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Key Takeaways:

1. A few Corvette Z06 owners have decided to sue GM over a phenomenon they call, "limp mode."

2. Limp mode allegedly engages after 15 minutes of track riding to which the car has drastically reduced performance.

3. The owners of the Z06's allege that Corvette is knowingly selling defective models and that they are unfit for the track and public roads.

Quote: "Owners have reported vehicles would overheat and often enter limp mode only after about 15 minutes of track driving, due to a defective cooling system. When the vehicle enters limp mode, its power and speed are drastically reduced, according to the complaint." (Siu, 2007) 

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