Corvette Z06's Speed Makes Mom Nervous

Happy Mother's day in advance. A son decided to take his mom out for a spin in a Z06. The problem with this is that this man is best known for driving his motorcycle into a pool. The video shows the poor mother not enjoying the ride because of the sheer power of the Corvette. If you have ever thought about going full speed in a Corvette with a loved one in the vehicle then this might change your mind.

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Key Takeaways:

1. A son decided to take his mother out for a drive in a Corvette Z06.

2. Unfortunately, the drive occurred on a race track.

3. The son used 60% of the vehicle's speed and the mother did not enjoy it.

Quote: "To help soothe her nerves, Khashabi gives her a quick update on the state of his Corvette’s tune. Pushing somewhere in the vicinity of 550 horses to the rear wheels, the car is no slouch when running down Sonoma’s straighter sections." (, 2017)

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