Corvettes more affordable than 30 years ago?

The Corvette really is more affordable than years gone by? How is this possible. It seems to be possible because the price of the Corvette has not risen as much as the rest of the world's inventory of other items. it does not mean that it is cheap by any standard but that you can get a lot more Corvette for less than you can almost anything else because inflation causes things to be more expensive. if you have been thinking about buying that Corvette then now is a good time. They might realize they have been selling it all wrong all these years.

Key Takeaways:

  • The price of Corvettes has not risen with inflation as much as other items
  • The average American cannot afford an average priced car anymore because of inflation. 
  • The quality of Corvettes has not gone down at all.

"I wrote about how a new study showed that the average American can no longer comfortably afford an average-priced car. This got me thinking about exactly cars got so damn expensive, which is what led me to Corvettes, this chart, and a realization that I may have been thinking about this wrong." (Torchinsky, Jason,"The Corvette Is Actually More Affordable Than It Was 30 Years Ago.")

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