Do Auto Socks Work?

One of the questions you might ask yourself is if Auto Socks actually work? The truth of that matter is that it depends on who you ask because there are some people who can follow directions and there are some people who will just try to use the product how they see fit. The latter will probably tell you no because of the pre-existing ideas they have about using the product. In fact, they might tell you that cables and chains do not work well either because they do not know how to use them effectively either. However, the people who do follow directions will find that Auto Socks work quite well. 

What is the problem with Auto Socks? Many people actually drive too fast with them on their tires. Driving too fast with Auto Socks is a problem for two reasons. The first problem is that it does not matter what traction device you have if you drive recklessly in your vehicle. Driving at high speeds over areas where you should be cautious will always be problem. There is no chain or cable that can help you if you insist on speeding through an area that is dangerous. Many people have four wheel drive and a traction device which gives them a false sense of security. They end up sliding and they blame the traction device. The best thing to do is to follow what the directions say and that is that you should keep your deep under 30mph in non-commercial vehicles and 20 to 25 in commercial vehicles. The other thing that going too fast when using Auto Socks is that it quickly degrades the quality of the Auto Sock. Auto Socks are made of fabric unlike chains or cables. Chains and cables can withstand greater amounts of stress than Auto Socks because of the difference between the materials. Chains and cables do not downgrade as quickly if they have to be driven over pavement. They do tend to damage the street where they are used but they stay in better shape over a period of time if they are used on pavement.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you cannot let the Auto Sock be on your tire overnight if you expect to cold temperatures. The Auto Sock can freeze to your tire and that will make your driving difficult because the road will be slick and it will also be slick from the Auto Sock. You must remove the Auto Sock and let it dry when possible. If you do this then you will be sparing yourself a problem later in the day or the next morning.

The big benefit of using an Auto Sock is the speed at which you can install the AutoSock. All you have to do to install an Auto Sock is to slip it over your tires. Remember to be as safe as possible when you install the Auto Sock. If you have to reverse your vehicle to get the Auto Sock on, and you will, then make sure to turn off your vehicle and have it in park securely. The last thing you want to do is get injured when you are trying to make your vehicle safer for you to drive. If you keep that in mind then you should have no problem. Auto Socks can be one of the easiest things you install on your vehicle ever.

Auto Socks do work and they work well if you follow the directions. The problem most people have with this product is that they misuse the product or use it in ways that degrade it quickly. If you want to use your Auto Sock for a long time then you should follow the directions as they are outlined. If you can do that then you will find Auto Socks a valuable part of your plans for winter.

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