Does a Weigh Safe Hitch with Sway Bars Distribution Exist?

Does a Weigh Safe Hitch with Sway Bars Distribution Exist?

Quick Answer:

No. It does not exist unfortunately. Weigh Safe has seen it fit not to make a version like this, therefore if this a major piece of your buying decision about a Weigh Safe hitch then we are afraid that this will be a great big negative reason not to get it. 

Why Does It Not Exist? 

A hard question to answer other than Weigh Safe has not seen fit to develop any products for this market segment. They seem, at this moment, content to deal with the people they already service. Although we might feel that it would be smart for them to add more products to their line to service this share of the marketplace it has not happened as of yet.

Will Be Coming in the Future?

Weigh Safe has not mentioned any anything to us or anywhere that we have seen that they are planning anything for this segment of the market. It could be in development, however, as far as we know it is not currently being worked on for future release. 

So My Only Options for a Weigh Safe Hitches are the Current Ones Being Offered?

Unfortunately, yes. We will not have anything in this line until the manufacturer deems it worthy of attention and production. At the very least we can help you and assist you by telling you that no option exists to service what you are looking for from the Weigh Safe line. You may have to look at other options which is quite unfortunate because Weigh Safe products are great. Yet, we have no good news when it comes to their products and would hate for you to waste your time and money getting one only to find out that you cannot use it on your vehicle.

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