Does Automobile Touch-Up Paint Work Well?

A customer recently asked if touch-up paint works well. It is an understandable query because there is a lot of trepidation when it comes to the utilization of touch-up paint for a variety of reasons. However, no matter how a person slices it the fact remains that It all comes down to the fact that the person is worrying about messing up their own car because of a lack of knowledge due to inexperience or lack of knowledge of the application of the product in general. Touch-up paints do work very well, it is the user and their skill level that determines the outcome of the results that a person gets when using touch up paints.

The first thing to consider is if the person got the right paint in the first place. It is confusing and sometimes difficult to select the right paint for the job. it involves finding out the paint code for the car, truck, or SUV. The paint code tells the user what paint they should buy. It is meant to make the shopping experience easy, however, it can be a headache to find the code. The problem becomes difficult when the person realizes that they do not know the difference between OEM and aftermarket paint. The paint code, itself, also is not very easy to remember and requires a person to write it down to look for it. Transposing one number can be the difference between a red vehicle or a green vehicle. 

The OEM vs aftermarket conversation takes place after the paint code mystery is solved. OEM means original equipment manufacturer which sounds like the company who built the car will supply the paint. However, this may or may not be true. It depends on who made the paint that the car maker used during production. OEM basically means that a person is getting the paint from the company who made the car or the company who the vehicle maker used to make the paint. The good thing about this is that the paint is held to a certain standard as outlined by the car maker. Aftermarket paints do not do this, however. The aftermarket paint maker has nothing to do with the car maker until the car is already produced. The quality of the product is hit or miss depending on which company produced the paint. In general, if you want quality paints you can count on, then you ask for OEM paint. If you do not mind a little risk then aftermarket paints are fine. 

The final piece is your skill level at using the paint. Obviously, a beginner is not going to have as good results as a veteran would. A person can have the highest quality paint, brushes, and equipment and still not get a great result because the person did not bother to read the instructions. The worry then becomes, "how do I do this well if I haven't done it before in my life?" Most touch-up paints explain the process of using their products well. They do this because they need you to buy their product again in order to make money. Good instructions are the cure for inexperience. If you follow the directions and get help then you can be very successful at the application of touch-up paint.

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