Does the C7 Transparent Top Fit a Corvette Z51 or a Z06?

The quick answer to the question is that the transparent top actually fits both vehicles. The top actually fits all C7's. If you own a C7 and you are looking to get a transparent top or, at least, considering it, then you can breathe easy because it will fit your vehicle. You can click here and get your C7 transparent or see through top right now.


Why is this transparent top not blue?

The top looks black in this picture, however, this is a "blue" transparent top. It shows up as blue when you are inside of the vehicle. However, it looks like a black see through Corvette top as you can see from the picture.

Is this the C7 see through roof?

Yes. The roof is transparent in nature. People in the industry like to call it "transparent" while people outside of the industry like to call it see through. There are many cases when the lingo of the industry does not match up with how customers talk about the product and this is one of those cases unfortunately. We apologize for any confusion here.

If you are running orders over $75 dollars get free shipping sale then does this qualify?

Yes. The part does quality for free shipping with a few possible caveats. If the part is going overseas or another country then it does not ship free. There also might be a few states like Alaska and Hawaii where this might not ship free in the future but as of 6/12/17 it still ships free to those areas. It is best to chat in, call us, or email us to find out if we are shipping the item free to where you want it to go.