Does Walmart Sell AutoSocks?

Does Walmart Sell AutoSocks?

Quick answer:

Yes. They do. However, that does not mean that you want to buy from them. There are several factors to think about when a person thinks about purchasing AutoSocks and brand name recognition is one of those factors but it probably should not be the biggest factor when deciding where to buy your AutoSock.

The other considerations:

One of the biggest considerations to keep in mind is how long it is going to take the product. If we are honest with ourselves then we can admit that Many of us put off buying traction devices until it is absolutely necessary. We all do it but it puts us in a bind because that means you are in the middle of a storm, about to be in a storm, or you are at the tail end of a storm. None of these, except maybe the last situation, is a great thing to be in and waiting is terrible when you got to get somewhere.

The truth about Walmart AutoSocks:

The truth is that they actually do not stock AutoSocks themselves. They have third-party sellers who sell the product and that product could be across the United States from you. If it is then it has to travel across the country to get to you. The fact also means that it will encounter other weather systems which could slow it way down on its way to you. It is highly likely that by the time you get the product that you will not need it anymore. A bad feeling indeed.

Your best bet:

Obviously, if you can get one locally then you should get one locally because you will have it sooner than any other option. However, not a lot of stores actually stock and sell AutoSocks which leaves you in the lurch. Your next best bet after that is to find someone who is close to you who will ship it to you because distance matters when it comes to the mail unless you are willing to spend a lot of money. You will find that places in your state will sometimes be able to send you an item within a day because of the proximity you are from each other. You might be surprised how close that is to you. For example, there are many places in Idaho, Washington, and even California where the shipping quote says that our customers can have their product within a day if not two days. You also know the weather systems that might be in the way and you can be prepared for it. Luckily mail services are mostly reliable and things get to where they are going on time most of the time. Good news for you because if you purchase an item from a place that is geographically close to you then you will probably have your product in a timely manner.

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