Downpayments on ZR1 Despite Having No Price Set

The C7 is having its final push and people are putting them into their garages for future use. However, that means that the new ZR1 is much closer. People are excited despite the fact that the car does not have a price tag attached to it. There is a math formula dealerships and customers are using to calculate a down payment price. 

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Key Takeaways:

1. The 2018 ZR1 has no price as of yet.

2. People are using a complex math formula to calculate how much of a down payment they pay.

3. There is no timetable for the setting of the final cost for the ZR1.

Quote: "Chevrolet has not announced exactly when ZR1s will arrive or what they’ll cost. This hasn’t hindered hard-core Corvette fans from placing their bets with fat dealer deposits." (Sherman, 2017)

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