​Ease and Comfort Afforded By The Evolution of Ball Trailer Hitches

Chances are that you know the value of a trailer hitch if you've ever had to haul anything.  A trailer attached to your pickup or SUV is a common theme on weekends or any long vacation.  Just thinking about it makes you experience that wanderlust you know that you have for the great outdoors.


 You get your camper ready to go and are ready for your next big adventure out there in the wild away from civilization. But, wait, a few of your passengers want to bring along a few extra items that might be a bit over sized or oddly shaped. You will have to figure out how to make room.


 Maybe you are going golfing and you have decided that you want to take a few friends as long as they pick up the tab. The problem is that they bring their gear and it looks like its enough to take a small family golfing. Of course, this is a road trip and you have to get out of the homestead in time to make the tee time on the green. You might be in a slight pickle, because coordination and packing that extra gear is a headache. However, maybe you are smart and had this figured out before you got into this situation. If you are smart then you already have the right hitch and the correct accessories to make the set up and arrangement a breeze. Also, you know that it is going to be safe because you have followed all the rules and you know your weight limits.


We do not stop to think about this, but trailer hitches evolve even when the vehicles we drive have changed over the years. The technology gets better and safer and it is a fact that we should all enjoy.  The arms race between trailer hitch deals is a good thing for you because they are searching for ways to make their trailer hitches more convenient, safer, easier to use, and are coming up with other things we cannot even begin to imagine yet.


Let us take, for instance, the fact that every person who uses a trailer hitch should be weighing their cargo before they hit the road. Too little weight is a problem and so is loading up with too much weight as well. Both of these problems can cause massive headaches and cause injuries not only to the person attempting to tow the weight but the people who happen to be around the cargo. The problem is avoidable but has not always been easy to remedy in the past.


People struggled with difficult set-ups to get their tow weight measured in the past. They even had to use their own bathroom scale in some cases, and this is a big problem because those scales were not designed to handle the weight.  It was not uncommon for the bathroom scale to break before getting an accurate measurement. The driver had to get a new scale or (not recommended) brave it and try to eyeball the weight and hope for the best, which is not a good idea.


New hitches have come out that tell the user how much weight they have attached to their vehicle. The built-in scale gives the driver/user the ability to easily know, with certainty, how much weight they have and if they are going to have any problems with that weight while towing it. The preceding sentence is true as far as the towing structure is concerned, but one should keep in mind that road conditions will always factor into play. Limiting possible failures should always be the goal of any motorist and those hauling any kind of cargo.


One of those types of new hitches is made by Weigh Safe and it has that built-in scale that helps a user/driver be much more safe than using a bathroom scale to figure out how much they are towing. The knowledge of how much a person is towing helps limit accidents and makes driving with cargo less stressful than ever before. Therefore, Weigh Safe is a product that can definitely help you have less stress filled trips. Visit the Weigh Safe models we have by clicking the image or link below.