Echomaster Trailering Camera for Cheap - While Supplies Last

We still have some Echomaster trailering cameras for the sale price. However, you should get on it quick if you are thinking of getting one for yourself. Once our supply runs out then we will no longer be honoring the sale price on them. However, if you are fast or smart enough to search for keywords that bring this page up then you win. Come and get your trailering camera for cheap while other people are paying full price for them.

You can get the deal you deserve by clicking the link here


Which parts numbers are included in the sale?

The following part numbers are still available at the sale price:

  • 19353504
  • 19355213

How do I know if the sale is still active?

You visit the link above and click through to the camera set that is appropriate for you rig. You will either see the sale price or the regular price. There are no promo codes needed. You will get the sale price if it is still active.

Can I call to see if I can get the deal?

Sure. You can call us but there are no guarantees that the sale is still on for the cameras. The truth is if the price shows the regular price then you will not get the sale, however, if the price has not adjusted then we probably still have stock you can buy at the cheaper price.

Do these camera kits still have the warranty?

The answer is yes. The cameras do come with the warranty, however, the warranty is supplied by Echomaster. We do not service the warranty, however, when people have needed help in the past we served as a middleman between the customer and Echomaster. No guarantee that will we do so again in the future, but we will say that Echomaster was very fast in their response to our customer's problem. They exchanged the camera very quickly to the satisfaction of the customer and our company as well. 

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