Emergency Tire Traction Devices

emergency tire traction devices

What do you look for in an emergency tire traction device? If you are trying to use it for those truly dire moments then you want it to have a few characteristics. One of those characteristics is how heavy the device is itself. If a person has to struggle to get it to in the car or vehicle then it defeats the purpose of the device itself. You want the device to be portable and not a pain in the behind to get in and out of the vehicle. If any part of it is a deterrent to using then it is the not the right emergency tire traction device for you.No one wants to struggle in the morning when they get up and go to work. We all want it to be as smooth as possible and having a solution that is very heavy to lift is not going to lend itself to making a smooth transition from not working to a working train of thought. Besides, who wants to be frustrated on a Monday morning, it is already frustrating enough as it is right now.

You also want the device to install very quickly because a snow or ice storm can blanket a road in mere minutes if it is severe enough. You do not want to be stuck outside your vehicle trying to put your traction device on the tires. You want that to be as short of a time as possible. You do not want your fingers and hands to get cold because you will lose the dexterity needed to install your device. It is the ultimate catch-22. The longer you try to put the solution on your vehicle the harder it becomes to actually get that solution your vehicle. The answer here, of course, is to get something that installs quickly and easily. You can spend that time driving away from the storm inside of the inside of it where you will have problems with your finger/hand dexterity and installation of devices such as chains or cables. Remember that every moment counts because each second you have to spend in the weather is another second where the road conditions get worse and harder to drive. 

Make your life easier by getting an AutoSock. They are light. They are easy to install. They are also not a pain to grab in the morning when you need to get going quickly and, let us be honest, who is not in a hurry when they wake up in the morning. You do not want to have to keep messing with heavy chains and cables in the morning. Even worse, if you do have to use them then you do not want to have to remember how to put them on and you do not want to be in the weather while you are putting them on your vehicle. An AutoSock is the emergency tire traction device you want, and, quite frankly, it is the emergency tire traction device you deserve.

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