Extra Things You Should Look for in a Touch-Up Paint

Touch-up paint by itself can be a great thing. However, companies have gone a step further and added some other things that you need when you use touch up paint. Why? The easy answer is that they want you to buy more of their products in the future. If companies try to one-up each other for the market space in your mind then you, as a consumer, usually win. The question becomes, what can you get out of a touch-up paint other than just the touch-up paint itself? Let us look at a few things you might get that might be extremely helpful to you.

First, you should always look for a touch-up paint that has a useful brush. People think that they can just buy any type of touch-up paint and have good results. However, the truth is that all touch-up paints is different and that brushes they use are different as well. Brushes effect how the paint goes onto the cars and, conversely, how the paint looks on the car. If your brush forces you to make blotchy mistakes, then you are going to have a problem. Take in consideration how well the brush is made and if it is too big or too small for the job you are asking it to do. 

A good thing to have on-hand is an abrasive surface or an abrasive tip. In fact, there are some companies that include the abrasive surface with their touch up paints. The tip is extremely useful to remove rust. The problem with using sandpaper is that it is harder to control than a tip that is more like a pen. It is far easier to make mistakes with sandpaper because you have to wrap your finger in the sandpaper and try to rub the rust out. It is easy to rub too much off because it is not a precision tool. An abrasive tip is more like a pen or at least shaped like a pen and allows greater precision. If the job is large, then, obviously, sandpaper is probably the right choice. If you have both on hand, then you are set to do precision work and great amounts of cleaning through abrasion. 

Finally, you will sometimes find companies that add a clear coat to their paint. You can get two things done at once with one application. You can find that most directions for touch-up paint ask for a clear coat. You might as well get both things at once when you buy touch-up paint. If you are going to need it then why are you going to get two products. You should just get one, and apply it once to get the results you want. 

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