Forgeline is the Official Tire of the Camaro GT4.R

Forgeline has been announced as the official tire of the Camaro GT4.R  The Camaro GT4.R has been called the "most track capable" Carmaro ever made, at least straight from the manufacturer. The article mentions that the tire was developed with the mind that is will be used on the race track.

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Key Takeaways:

1. Forgeline has been selected as the official tire of the Camaro GT4.R.

2. The Camaro GT4.R is the car that has been hailed as the Camaro that is race worthy right off the line.

3. The Camaro GT4.R debuted during the Daytona 500.

Quote: "With a seemingly mile long list of mods, the GT4.R with Forgeline G1SR wheels will be a terror to opponents on the track." (Pages, 2017)

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