Front Molded Splash Guards for the Buick LaCrosse 2015

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It would seem that the front molded splash guards for the Buick Lacrosse seem to be more important just from the placement of the objects if you had to choose between the rear and front molded splash guards. Why? We depend on splash guards to protect one of the most important pieces of safety matrix built into most cars.

Most modern cars take advantage of something called crumple zones. The crumple zones have to do with the front and the back of the cars we drive. The part of the car we do not want to crumple is the passenger cabin. It sounds like that area would be just the passenger's side of the car, however, it includes the driver and passenger areas. Imagine if this area crumpled. It would be bad for everyone involved and it would not make sense for the automobile dealer or the buyer. The automobile maker would be intentionally making their buying base smaller if they eliminated people who bought their cars with bad design and the buyer would not or could not buy another vehicle in the future. It is good business to keep the customer alive and happy. It is not good to crumple on the buyer/user and it helps no one.

What do the front molded splash guards for the Buick LaCrosse actually do for the matrix of safety we talk about it? It all has to do with the side rocker panels. The panels are meant to be a structural component of the passenger cabin. If dirt, grime, mud, water, and so forth can get into the side rocker panels then they can cause corrosion over time. If the side rocker panels are corroded then imagine how well they are going to work when you need them to work. They will not work as well at all which is bad for you and any passengers who might be with you. You want side rocker panels that are strong and well maintained because that will give you the best chance of surviving and not getting crumpled along with the crumple zones.

The front molded splash guards for the Buick LaCrosse 2015 protect other cars from the spray of water, mud, dust, debris, and etc your tires are kicking up. However, the main thing they are really doing is protecting your from those elements as well. They protect your side rocker panels from the elements that could literally destroy your car's side rocker panels over time. If we take two cars whose only difference is one had the side rocker panels and the other did not over time then checked the strength of each car's rocker panels then we would see the significant different after a few years. Of course, the front molded splash guards not only protect the side rocker panels but other nooks and crevasses that the car might have in its underbody. Any area with dirt, grime, water, or etc can corrode so it makes sense to limit exposure to the elements as much as possible. 

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