Fuel Door Spring

A fuel door spring is an essential part of the fuel door mechanism. Many owners report trouble with the fuel door and find that the fuel door spring is the problem. A problem with this item can cause the fuel door to malfunction in a variety of ways including popping open and not shutting when driving. Not being able to open the door at all or not being able to shut the door from a lack of tension.

There are several problems that could be causing the trouble such as the following situations below:


If your fuel door spring gets rusted then you will have trouble accessing the fuel gas cap. You may not be able to fuel up at all which can hamper your ability to drive at all. The spring will not be as pliable and may get stuck in a variety of ways. It may also become brittle and open itself up to the next problem. 


The spring may become broken and unusable. A broken fuel door spring may cause any of the problems above and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. 

The obvious fix for this is to get a new fuel door spring for your vehicle. However, many vehicle owners attempt to use temporary fixes until they get their part or can get the vehicle fixed. None of the methods are recommended by the vehicle manufacturers, however. 

It is important to note that the fuel door spring may or may not be the only problem. A person should have a professional look over the problem to make sure that you are getting the right part to fix the problem. Other items that could be damaged or causing the problem as well could be other items such as the fuel door itself. 

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