Glove Box Mounted CD Player for the Cadillac CTS 2015

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Need to replace your CD player? We have all mostly moved to Bluetooth enabled devices but nothing can replace hardware. Why? Interference is the name of the problem. Bluetooth problems are interesting as well. If you are driving your car and suddenly your song cuts out and then comes back but sounds like it is trying to catch up where it should be playing then you probably have an interference or Bluetooth connection problem. Those kinds of problems are annoying or they can be downright deadly if they happen at the right time and in the right circumstance. The thing about driving is that it only takes a moment or two for an accident to happen. Split seconds count on the road and avoiding an accident could hinge on that half second look at the Bluetooth player when it suddenly does something weird.

A cd player is hardwired to the car and its audio system. Although there are possibilities of interference they are far less than a connection from Bluetooth. All the years of service cd players have given drivers everywhere have shown that interference is generally not a major issue with this particular piece of equipment. If you have a problem playing a CD it is usually because CD is dirty or it is damaged. There can be the times when the CD player, itself is damaged, but it not as common. A Bluetooth connection is harder to diagnose because it takes a higher amount of technical know how. There are times when the Bluetooth could get interference or cut out completely and there will be no way for the layperson to figure out what happened. A person might have to restart their Bluetooth system both on the sender and the receiver side which will take time and attention. Attention on something else other than the road can be very dangerous so it is another reason why a person may want to consider hardware instead of ephemeral connections between devices.

Your Bluetooth connection may not do anything but connect your device to your audio which leaves you the task of skipping ahead or restarting a song on your device. If you have done this on your device before then you know how difficult this can be to do accurately. You can easily switch your phone to something else that you did not want to set it to at that moment. You could make calls you do not want to make. The other thing you can do is look at the device but if you are playing a playlist where you often have to skip forwards or backward often because you have many songs you do not wish to listen to at the moment then you know how much attention this action can eat up. All of the attention you place on the device could be the attention you need to avoid accidents. If your Bluetooth device actually can be controlled via your audio dashboard then you are probably going to have a better time. If you do not have that type of connection or control then you might want to consider a CD player rather than trusting your ability to push the right areas of the screen blindly.

If your Bluetooth connection ever permanently goes down through some kind of damage then you always have the CD player on which to fall back on when you need music. Actually, it is probably a good idea to have a cd player to fall back on in case you ever need it. Sure it might seem a little outdated but you may not regret that decision when the Bluetooth connection on your phone or in your audio system goes down. Many people depend on a mixture of coffee and music to get them through their drives. If you are one of those people then make sure you get a backup way to listen to some music or you will have a lot of trouble getting to and from work.

Ready to get a glove box mounted cd player for your Cadillac CTS 2015? Have a look at the product here and make your decision. Need other parts or accessories for this or any other GM made vehicle? You can use the form at the bottom of this paragraph to find the items you need. The only thing that the system will not show you is touch-up paint. Use this link to find the touch-up paint you need for your Cadillac CTS 2015.