GM Assist Steps

GM assist steps are a very helpful tool for people who may be too short to enter or exit a vehicle. it is also helpful for people who might be elderly and need and extra step in order to get inside our outside of the same truck. However, these items might also be helpful for a variety of other family members or friends that you may not be thinking of right now. Let us look at all the reasons you should have assist steps below.


doggie loves wind in its face

Dogs will likely find these items helpful as well. Some dogs are small and need help to climb in and we all know that we live busy lives. We all carry too much in our hands and sometimes we just do not have a free arm to scoop up our furry friends to help them into the truck. They might be able to get up if you have access to an assist step. It is one less think you have to think about when you are working or trying to get the next place quickly. The dog might or should be able to use the Gm assist steps to get in and out of the vehicle safely, easily, and without your help. 


Sometimes you need to take your nephew, niece, son, daughter, grand kids, or some other type of kid along with you to somewhere. You might also have to pick them up to help them into the car and the assist step might be the advantage they need to get into the vehicle without your help. If they can do that then that will allow you to have your hands free to carry other things in the vehicle that you might need for the trip or for when you arrive at the place to which you are going. 


Let us not forget that you might need the help sometimes too. The quadriceps is a big muscle, however, the positions in which you might have strength could be compromised if they do not have the right angle. If you have to lunge your way into the vehicle and your body is not adjusted to it or adjusted to doing it with the weight you are asking it to carry, say if you were carrying boxes, then you risk injury. A GM assist step can give you a better angle and a place to place your feet so that you can use both leg muscles to propel yourself into the vehicle instead of one. The mechanical advantage of having two legs could just save you from a major injury that requires surgery. We all want to be brave and grin and bear our pains or workloads. however, sometimes the risk is not worth the reward.

Let us not forget about freak accidents and build of exertion from activities that could cause your ankles, knee, or quadriceps  other parts of the leg to fail without you expecting them to fail. The extra height of a vehicle without an assist step equals more force that your body has to absorb on impact. Lessening the distance could potentially lessen the injury, if any, that you sustain. The extra step may also give you more time to assess the environment on which you are about to step and you could use that split moment to make a judgement call that will stop you from falling at all. 

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