GM Lawyer Confirms On Accident Those CAD Drawings Belong to GM

A GM lawyer confirmed a few CAD drawings of a project were real and owned by GM by issuing a takedown request to Jalopnik. The speculation is that the CAD drawings are of the rumored mid-engine Corvette. The CAD drawings do not confirm this but they bring us closer to knowing it is coming. It is still possible it is for some other vehicle but unlikely. What we do know is GM cares enough about this CAD illustration to send their lawyers in to take it down.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Leaked CAD images of a design for a vehicle surfaced.
  2. The persuasive theory is that the CAD drawings are for the mid-engine Corvette.
  3. A GM lawyer accidentally confirmed its authenticity by requesting that the people who posted the CAD drawings take them down.

Quote: "Late last week Jalopnik received a notice that GM would like us to remove the original article, as said article contained “copyright artwork” that was claimed by a lawyer for GM." (Ballaban, 2017)

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