GMC OEM vs Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

A question we have been hearing quite frequently is, "what is the difference between OEM and Aftermarket parts or accessories?". We want to answer these questions for you so that you can make the best decision for you and your situation. We also understand that this is one of the most confusing subjects about when dealing with your vehicle. Aftermarket is not a term that lends itself to understanding from the get go. What market are we talking about or are we talking about marketing itself? Let us not forgot that the term OEM can be very confusing too. It used to mean that the company you bought from is the same company giving you the item. However, in the automobile industry, that is not totally true. You would not know that unless you asked or if you looked for that information yourself. Here are the general breakdowns for anyone confused. OEM means that you are buying from the company who manufactured the vehicle or the company who provided the part during the manufacturing phase of building your car. Aftermarket means that they did not make the part until after the automobile came out in the marketplace. The latter situation is covered in more depth in the next paragraph but that means a few noticeable differences between OEM and Aftermarket parts and the quality of that part or accessory for your GMC vehicle. 

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Aftermarket Accessories and Parts

Aftermarket accessories can be good. However, a lot of accessories that come from those manufacturers are of varying qualities. The manufacturers have their own standards to run by not set by the vehicle manufacturer. If you look at a lot of warranties then you know that most vehicle manufacturers require you to use genuine OEM parts or it voids your warranty. The reason for this rule is because of aftermarket parts because they do not know how their accessories or parts will interact with their gear 100% of the time. They may be cheaper and they might be as good of quality but you lose the backing of the company who made your vehicle. 


OEM sounds like you are buying from the vehicle manufacturers itself. However, that may or may not be true. The truth is that you might be buying from them or the company that produces the part that they used when they produced the vehicle. Either way, you are getting a piece that was specifically developed for your vehicle with all the standards set forth by the automobile manufacturer. You own a GMC made vehicle. You want the best for it so that you can continue to use it as long as possible. One of the main reasons to get a GMC automobile is because the brand is known and marketed around its durability and the best way to keep that durability is to use parts that adhere to the original specifications and standards. They will fit and you do not have to worry about how it is going to affect the other pieces of automobile adversely. 


We did say that durability is an issue and, unfortunately, aftermarket parts are all over the place as far as durability goes. You do not want to be the one GMC owner who is having problems when you are around other people who also have GMC made vehicles. Let us face it, GMC is known as a workhorse vehicle company and you probably bought the automobile because you had images in your head of what you could you do with it. If the vehicle is no longer durable then you cannot use it anymore. You have to use the right parts to make sure that it will run correctly and dependably when and if you need it to work. The worst time it could fail is when you need it in an emergency. If you really think about it that is when you are really using any part in your vehicle. If you need it to work in an emergency then you want to have peace of mind that you are going to get where you need to go safely, quickly, reliably, and with the durability that you have come to expect from your GMC part and GMC vehicle.

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