Hacking Your Road Trip: Getting Out Faster and Having More Fun

If you are a road trip person or a road trip person then you know how important it is to tow the stuff you need with you on your trip. Maybe it is your first road trip. Maybe you are seasoned. Either way, let us tell you about a little secret you might not know. Not all trailer hitches are created equal. Let us do another favor for you. The hitch you are probably looking at for your vacation is probably not the one you need. In fact, your hitch can do a lot more for you than you currently think it can. 

Here is another problem that you might encounter. Many of the places that talk about hitches are people who are, well, seasoned in speaking vehicle talk. What that means is that a 5-minute conversation with a person like that is probably a gateway to an hour and a half headache where you might have to pop a few migraine pills. Also, at the end of the conversation, you might still be confused about which hitch you should buy because of the options available. The other problem, again, is that most hitches are pretty much the same and so you are probably comparing oranges that are just as good as other oranges in the bunch. There is no real difference between them at all. It is a true fact 90% of the time except when it is not true and when it is not true then it is a doozy of a change.

The problem with a lot of towing is that you have to weigh your cargo. The problem with weighing your cargo is that you are supposed to do that before you hit the road. However, most of the industrial-strength scales around areas are littered around the highways. The obvious question is how do you haul what you need to haul safely if you are not sure you can safely haul it in the first place. There is a setup where you can use a bathroom scale, however, you are limited to the amount of weight the scale can handle. If you are carrying a lot of weight then you will not be able to use the bathroom scale in the first place.

The answer to the question here is that you have to get a hitch that weighs your cargo for you and lets you know if you are going over the recommended amount weight or even under it. There is a sweet spot of weight you want to use when transporting cargo. Having too much weight or too little can be a problem. Either of these two conditions can cause a dangerous condition called trailer sway. You can get a hitch that actually does this for you. A Weigh Safe hitch actually measures your cargo as you put the cargo into your hitch. You do not have to go anywhere and you do not have to build a system using a bathroom.

Most hitches cannot do this and it is unfortunate because your hitch can be and do so much more. Even if you have a system that can weigh your trailer effectively then you could get something includes two ball hitches instead of the normal one. You might as well get more functionality when you can get it. If you do get a hitch that can weigh your cargo as you load then you do not have to waste your time trying to put together a setup that uses a bathroom scale or have to go somewhere to have an industrial scale weigh it for you. Get more time by using something that will do the weighing for you and you will have a more fun and safer trip.

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