​Help, I'm Confused about Tongue Weight and How It Effects My Ability to Tow Safely

Tongue weight is the measure of the weight that the tongue of the trailer puts on the hitch that is attached to the automobile.

Trailer sway is a condition caused by having too little weight on the back-end of the vehicle. It is a dangerous situation that must be avoided if the driver wants to have a safe trip. 

If a person can have too little tongue weight, then it is possible to have too much tongue weight as well. Again, it affects the back end of the vehicle. The vehicle begins to sag and inhibits the ability of the automobile to handle corners, may also limit the ability of the driver to see what's behind the automobile, and the brakes will also be adversely affected. 

How do you avoid these problems? You keep your tongue weight within 9 to 15% of the gross trailer weight (GTW).  If you are towing a trailer that weighs 1000 lbs. then your tongue weight should approximately be around 100 lbs in order to be as safe as possible and within the 9% to 15% range. 

You keep your tongue weight within 9 to 15% of the gross trailer weight (GTW). Click here to tweet this fact. Look smart to your friends and help save lives at the same time.

Now that we know all that information we have to ask ourselves the next logical question. "How can I make sure that I am complying with these rules?" You have to measure your tongue weight. 

Honestly, the easiest way to do this is by using a Weigh Safe drop hitch. 

However, you could try the other way which entails the following procedure. Procure a bathroom scale, lift it up to ball height with some sort of box or cinder block, and place the tongue on top of all that to get an accurate measurement. Does it sound like a lot of work? Yes, it is a lot of work. Let us forget that bathroom scales are made for humans. They are not made for the load a trailer can place on them. They may break under that pressure. The other methods of weight measurement are also tedious and not easy to set up either. 

Weigh Safe comes with a built-in way of measuring tongue weight that is easy for the owner to figure out if they over the limit or if they need to add more weight to prevent problems on the road. The user needs to know the weight of the trailer and then needs to at 9% to 15% to that in order to find out if they are above or below the safe limit. 

No scales that are not made for the job are needed, and no guess work is required, Weigh Safe makes trips fun and safe at the same time. Click the image below to get your Weigh Safe product today.