how much is a smokey roof panel for a 2014 corvette

We have heard the transparent top for a Corvette called many things. Interestingly enough, the point of contention seems to be the color of the panel itself. We have seen the part called: blue, transparent, black, clear, and now smoky. None of these designations are wrong. The truth is that a transparent roof panel is actually all of these colors. It really depends on where a person is standing when they are looking at the product. The vantage point of that person ultimately decides what color they will see when they view the panel. 

The Blue Color or "Transparent" Color

The blue color of the roof panel is actually viewable from underneath it, or, to be more exact, when you are seated in the car. Of course, it would look blue anytime you are underneath the panel, however, that would not happen often if it was not installed already. The blue is not dark enough to inhibit your ability to see through the glass, however. You will still be able to see the skies above, the rain, or the snow, or the leaves as they turn brown in the Autumn. There is really no other reason to get a transparent top other than to see the sky other than the bragging rights and the blue color allows you to do that very well. 

The Black Color or "Smokey Color"

The black color or smokey color is viewable from above the panel. It is meant to keep out prying eyes and it does this well. However, looking at the panel will sometimes give off what some people will call a "smokey" look. It stands to reason because it could not be a "true" black in order to be transparent on the other side. Therefore, there are some people who call it smokey and they are not wrong. It is all a matter of perspective and the angle at which a person is looking at the panel.

If you are looking for the blue, transparent, black, or smokey roof panel then you are talking about the same thing. You do not have to look any farther because it can be found here. All you have to do is click here and you will be taken to the top that you want. 

how much is a smokey roof panel for a 2014 corvette