How to Get Started in Customizing Your Corvette By Making A Huge Splash

Getting a Corvette is one of the biggest and best decisions you can ever make. Many of you actually dreamt about owning one, therefore, the moment you signed on the dotted line and got took possession of the vehicle must have been very surreal but awesome. After you drive around for awhile and admire your new Corvette the question that pops into every Corvette owner's mind is, "ok, what is the next step to making this thing the best one anywhere."

The same Corvette top as pictured in the other picture. Looks black from outside but blue from inside the vehicle.

You have seen other Corvettes around and they are all impressive. They all have their little quirks and updates you either love or dislike a lot. However, one thing that most Corvette owners can agree on is getting a transparent tinted and removable roof panel top for a Corvette. In fact, there are some people who would argue that this is an essential upgrade any serious Corvette owner can make for their vehicle. 

It is not only functional but it enhances the look of your Corvette very quickly. You also get the ability to look up and watch the raindrops hit the top of your vehicle, that is, if you allow your Corvette to take any sprinkles at all. It is your vehicle and what you say goes. However, if you have not had the luxury of parking and looking up at the falling snow or rain then you might want to try it because you might just like it.

Let us also talk about the impression it makes on other people. If you put a Corvette with a transparent top next to a Corvette without one then you know who is going to get all the attention. The one that has that little something extra to it. We, as humans, are conditioned to look for differences in things. If you are the one with the little extra then you will be the one who gets all the attention. It is as simple as that and it is no more difficult to, at least, be the best on the block. If you already are, because you own a Corvette, then you can widen your lead by adding pieces to your Corvette that make it hard for people to catch up. A transparent tinted removable roof panel can do that for you and it can do it quickly.

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"If you put a Corvette with a transparent top next to a Corvette without one then you know who is going to get all the attention."

Can we be honest for a second and admit that one of the reasons to get a Corvette is to impress other people. If you get one of these tops then you will not only be impressing the normal people around but other Corvette owners. Why not double the effect your Corvette has on others? Get your transparent top and make your Corvette the one to envy.

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