I Need a Fast Easy Way to Weigh My Trailer

Weighing a trailer is a very smart thing to do because you need to know if you can actually tow the cargo without problems. The truth is that cargo can be not only dangerous but deadly for you or anyone who happens to be driving next to you or on the street. The truth is that most people find this action tedious, and maybe it is, but you need to do this to protect yourself from lawsuits, death, or, at least, embarrassment.

weigh safe ball hitch

Weighing a trailer has always been a problem in the past. The old system involved a bathroom scale and a set up that pretty much required you to have a degree in engineering just to figure out how to do it. It was no wonder that people hated to weigh their trailer and "winged" it most of the time. The problem with that approach is that a lot of people got hurt, a lot of property got damaged, and people lost their lives because the trailer came loose from the towing vehicle. A weekend of fun turned into a tragedy because there was not an easy way to accurate measurements in terms of weight when towing a load.

The other option was to go to a place where you could weigh the trailer. However, that was a little bit of a catch-22 because you had to drive the vehicle to the station to get it weighed. It would be hard to explain why you were already towing the weight if it was over limit already. People try to get around this by going to truck stops or asking some places with industrial-strength scales such as places that sell grains and asking them nicely to weigh the trailer. All of the previous actions sound dangerous and inconvenient at least.

Luckily, there are some trailer hitches that actually do the weighing for you. Not only do you get an accurate weight, but you also get to see how much it weighs as you load up your cargo. You avoid making the mistake of loading too much cargo without having to go to a weigh station, truck stop, or convincing someone to let you use their equipment to weigh your stuff. You can go on your trip faster because you know that you are under the limit and anyone who questions you will find out quickly that you have done your duty and you have been diligent in looking out for your safety and those around you. You do not have to worry about lawsuits or anyone getting injured because you know, for a fact, that you are about as safe as you can be without the hassle of setting up a Byzantine weighing apparatus.

If you need to weight your trailer and you do not want too much hassle, then you should look into Weigh Safe. Weigh Safe measures the weight of you cargo. You always have a handle on if you have too much or too little weight. Just click here to see our selection of Weigh Safe products.