Idaho Winters Are Slick. Use an AutoSock

One of the most famous things about downtown Boise, at least to the locals, is how flat it is there. However, flat does not mean that ice or snow do not make it slick. In fact, Idaho saw a good snow storm during 2016-2017. It blanketed the neighbor states such as Washington and Oregon. You really could not go anywhere. Literally at times. Hopefully, you did not get stuck like other people did but you might have and the best way to avoid that is to be prepared.

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One of the reasons people were not prepared for the ice and snow show that was the 2016-2017 Idaho winter was that they did not have a traction device handy. Having a traction device "handy" sounds a lot easier than it is to write it down on the internet though. The truth is that chains and cables can be heavy. They also tend to get other stuff piled on top of them because you only need them one time of the year and the rest of the year they are fodder for stacking things on top of because you do not need them at the time. The fact that this happens means that they are hard to find when you are rushing to get out the door to get to work in the morning. A lot of people just skip it all together and move on with the rest of their day. The problem with this thought process is that the winter of 2016-2017 taught us that weather conditions can change quickly. In fact, many people found out that getting stuck in traffic for 5 minutes sometimes means that a drive that was pretty normal turned into an automobile slip and slide when they were able to start traveling again.

Another problem with chains or cables is that they can be difficult for some people to install on their vehicles. Most people only have to use their snow chains or cables one time during the year. The rest of the year the knowledge of how to put on those snow chains or cables does not get used and can be easily forgotten because it is not essential information for most of the year. If a person does pull over and has their chains or cables ready for a strong Idaho winter then there is no guarantee that they will remember how to fasten the cables or chains to the vehicle in a timely fashion. If hands or fingers get cold then that means that they will lack the dexterity needed to connect fasteners, wires, cables, or whatever the traction device needs. Therefore, the longer it takes to use the chains the harder it will become to install them correctly.

AutoSocks, if nothing else, become a great emergency traction device. They are easy to install, very light, and take less space than cables or chains. AutoSocks are made of cloth which means they can hide places where other traction devices cannot fit.  If you have a mess in your trunk then you can probably still fit this in there. If you are running late for work then it will almost take no time to grab this item and take it with you to wherever you are going. Boise, Meridian, or wherever else you might go, the AutoSock can be ready and wait for you if you need it. Find out more about it or get your own with the link below.

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