Instrument Panel Upper Dash Trim Pad for the C7.R

Upgrade your car with an instrument panel upper dash trim pad for the C7.R and take your enjoyment of the car to the next level. Click here to get one for yourself now. 

The best part about owning the C7.R is owning the C7.R. Of course, you can always enhance your experience by upgrading the parts and components of the car to new levels. One of those things you can upgrade is the look of your instrument panel. Specifically, we are talking about your upper dash trim pad. If you have a color motif going on then you probably want to continue that throughout the car. You can do that you if you get the right trim pad and it has the right color.

People joke about having stock car pieces if they have any knowledge of how upgrading a car works. If you are a person with a C7.R. then you do not want to be the one who has a stock C7.R. You impress the regular people but you are not doing much for those other people who own the same car as you. They will say it is a nice car but it will be more like a pat on the back. It is more like a pat on the back from a big brother because you hit a single when he has been hitting home runs all day. You do not want that feeling because it is somewhat embarrassing. If you can turn around and tell that same person that you have the instrumental panel upper dash trim pad for your C7.R then you do not need a pat on the back. In fact, if that same person looks at your car and sees it then they will say, "hey, isn't that the C7.R upper dash trim pad?" You get a real pat on a back or acknowledgment without any of the shame. A better situation I am sure you would agree.

Pleasing and competing with other people's cars is not the only reason to get an upgrade. Maybe you personally like the look of the car with this accessory in it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as it does make the car much more attractive and stand out especially when it is around other cars that are similar to it. You do not have to be competing with others to want your car to be everything that it possibly can be. the best thing about this is that you can do it slowly over time and this piece can be one of the first pieces you get to upgrade your car or it can be one of the last. It does not matter because you will only be improving your car with every step.

What colors can you get? Black suede, spice red, twilight blue, Kalahari, adrenaline red, or black suede. You have a wide variety of colors to choose from when you start deciding that you want to upgrade your car. If you have a color theme in mind for your car then you can match it up wth one of these colors. You can get the look you want and you can have the car of your dreams.

Ready for an instrument panel upper dash trim pad for the C7.R? Click here to get one.