Integrated Cargo Mat for Buick Enclave 2015

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Ownership goes into the details and one of the details that almost no owner pays attention to but every passenger does is the mats in your car. Every passenger looks down to see what's happening by the mats because that gives them a little insight into how you are going to drive and what type of person you are in real life. Whether or not that is a good relationship to make between mat cleanliness and lifestyle is irrelevant. People do it subconsciously which means that you should be aware of it consciously.

Most of us neglect our mats because we see them so often and they have little to do with the performance of the car. They are just "there" to most car owners. They are an afterthought after everything else gets fixed up or upgraded. However, based on what we just talked about maybe they should be higher on the list of things to upgrade or fix. You never know who is going to ask you for a ride out of necessity. It could be your boss which could make it highly embarrassing for you to have used and dirty mats. Of course, maybe you work long hours and that is to be expected but you know your boss better than we do and what he or she might be looking for when evaluating an employee. If they are highly critical then you are going to need every advantage and floor mats should not be the thing that convinces a person that they should not promote you over someone else.

Mats are part of the first impression you are trying to make when someone sees or enters your car. They might notice them when they are outside of your car but they will notice them when they are inside your car. You cannot get around it and it happens subconsciously for most people. They are not doing it maliciously it is just how we are all programmed to behave. You just have to get used to the fact and be prepared for it when it comes time to show off your car intentionally or unintentionally, as before with the boss example. You want to put your best foot forward at all times and that requires that you be ready at all times. If your car has mat problems then you should fix them sooner rather than later because you never know who is going to get into your car. You might meet that special someone today or you might be driving your boss for some reason. Either situation is a situation where you do not have to be subject to the condition of your floor mats if you do it correctly. 

Keeping your mats up to date and in good repair is great for you and your passengers. It keeps you looking good when you have to make a great first impression. It also puts your best foot forward at all times because most people do not pay any attention to their floor mats and you do. It is a level of detail that most people will be impressed with and they will have to admit that they do not take as good care of their car as you do. Unless, of course, they do but they will be impressed anyway because there are so few people who actually do. 

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